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    Five key considerations for Canadians selling to Americans online

    Due to the rise of online sales through the likes of Amazon and eBay, a number of Canadians are looking into selling goods online to consumers who live in the United States. Setting up an online business is a great way to supplement your primary income stream, but even if your business is a relatively small undertaking, there are several issues to consider. With that in mind, here are five key considerations for Canadians selling to Americans online.

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    Five tips for navigating tax deferrals as a farm business

    Special tax rules apply to farmers and fishermen, including the ability to report taxable income on a cash basis, rather than an accrual basis. Using the cash basis approach, there are three ways farmers can defer taxes by reducing their taxable income in the current year.

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    Canadian taxation of employee stock options: the winds of change

    As promised in the 2019 Federal Budget, draft legislation restricting the preferential treatment afforded to employee stock option plans was released on June 17, 2019. Currently, the preferential treatment, which is provided to all corporations, is a 50 per cent reduction in the taxable benefit to the stock option holder, provided specific criteria are met. 

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    Fear and loathing in lost funds

     As the blockchain space continues to evolve towards mainstream adoption, the complexity of issues associated with blockchain-based technologies continues to grow. Given the vast number of uses for blockchain technology and the likelihood that it will continue integrating into the world around us, it is important to understand the nature of decentralized technology and its basis of operations.

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    Purifying your farm corporation

    Purified farm corporations have access to some major tax advantages, including the lifetime capital gains exemption and the ability to transfer assets to the next generation at cost. In order to qualify for these opportunities, 90 per cent of your farm corporation’s assets need to be active farming assets. If non-farming assets exceed 10 per cent, you will no longer qualify unless you remove some of these assets. This article will take a closer look at the tax opportunities available to purified farming corporations and the steps you can take to ensure you have access to them.