Assurance Services
Audit and accounting

The requirements of financial reporting and corporate governance for both private and public companies in Canada are highly complex.

Private enterprise

Baker Tilly Canada advisors appreciate the importance of sound decision‑making to a privately owned business’s bottom line.

Public markets

Financial reporting and corporate governance ⁠–⁠ as well as raising funds and seeking out investment opportunities ⁠–⁠ is a complex endeavour for public companies in Canada.

Tax Services
Tax advisory

To comply with domestic and international tax laws, make effective decisions and reduce tax liabilities, Canadian businesses benefit from the insights of an experienced tax advisor.

Cross-border and international

The most effective cross‑border (U.S. and Canada) or international tax planning is based on your company’s specific circumstances, and identifies opportunities to both grow your business and minimize your tax burden.

EHT and workers’ compensation

Keeping workers safe, healthy and protected is an important part of any business’s success. We provide guidance to organizations and businesses that might need to participate in the Employer Health Tax (EHT), Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) or Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), and are ready to assist with your compliance efforts.

Indirect tax

Indirect taxes ⁠–⁠ also known as consumption, commodity, sales‑and‑use or transaction‑based taxes ⁠–⁠ are complex, often nearly invisible charges which can create exposure if overlooked.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development

From creating new products to improving technologies, innovation is the cornerstone of Canadian competition. The Canadian government offers some of the most generous tax credit benefits in the world under the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) investment tax credit program. Without professional guidance, your company could be missing out on valuable funding.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is a complex area of corporate tax and represents a key point of risk for multinationals. The compliance burden for corporations when it comes to cross‑border transactions is significant ⁠–⁠ and non‑compliance can result in costly penalties.

U.S. corporate tax

For Canadian companies conducting business in the United States ⁠–⁠ or potentially expanding operations across the border ⁠–⁠ there are a variety of tax repercussions which need to be addressed.

Transaction Advisory Services
Corporate finance

If your company is on the hunt for transaction structuring, funding sources, capital or support with corporate investment decisions, our specialty advisors are ready to serve as your one‑stop‑shop resource.

Estate trustee during litigation

In cases where challenges to wills or estate holdings are subject to litigation, a Baker Tilly representative can be appointed by the court in Ontario (under the Estates Act) to serve as an Estate Trustee During Litigation, or ETDL.

Restructuring and recovery services

When financial issues or liquidity concerns threaten a business, decisive action is needed to address challenges immediately and avoid crisis situations. Whether the ultimate aim is to enhance value or minimize exposure to loss, timely decisions and well‑executed strategies will make all the difference.


Ready to get a deal done? Baker Tilly Canada specializes in providing end‑to‑end transaction services, mitigating risk and extracting value at every stage of a deal.


Valuations inform a wide range of business decisions, including reorganization or amalgamation for tax purposes, divestiture, shareholder dispute resolutions and litigation claims.

Consulting Services
Human resources advisory

The talent in your organization is crucial to your success, yet skilled individuals are increasingly difficult to attract and retain. Baker Tilly Canada understands the challenges of balancing short‑term needs with long‑term growth and continuously improving performance.

Legal services

At Baker Tilly Canada we provide specialty solutions to our valued clients, including investing in formal affiliations with legal firms across the country.

Digital Services
Cybersecurity solutions

Cyber attacks are increasingly prevalent today. From ransomware to malware to DoS, cyber threats are part of the vulnerable digital landscape we navigate every day.

Data solution services

Find insights. Optimize processes. Increase revenue.

Organizations today create and store vast amounts of data in the course of doing business. Through the analysis of this data (both historical and forward‑looking) and the identification of trends, correlations and anomalies, companies can achieve insight that leads to improved decision‑making. The power behind data analytics can surely increase shareholder value.

Digital technology and risk

In this time of rapid technological acceleration, businesses have more opportunities than ever to leverage technology designed to propel them to greater success. From digital transformation to express technology assessments, Baker Tilly Canada’s Digital Technology and Risk group advises organizations on strategies and adoption of emerging technologies, so they are ready for anything ⁠–⁠ becoming more efficient, transparent and secure in the process. We address technological risks and opportunities related to artificial intelligence (AI), automation, cybersecurity, privacy, digital assets and more.

Other Advisory Services
Business advisory services

At Baker Tilly Canada, our experts deliver the services and solutions you need to help build a solid foundation for your business ⁠–⁠ both today and in the future.

Enterprise effectiveness

An enterprise has multiple stakeholders: investors, customers, employees, service providers and others. And for each stakeholder to achieve their goals, enterprise effectiveness ⁠–⁠ which is dependent on effective governance ⁠–⁠ is essential.

Forensic investigative reporting

With corporate crime reportedly threatening more than half of Canadian businesses, our forensic accounting experts have the knowledge and insight to identify, respond to and prevent illegal activities from occurring.

Grants and incentives

There are a variety of national, provincial and local government grants and incentives that could be available to your business. At Baker Tilly Canada, we have the extensive experience ⁠–⁠ and financial expertise ⁠–⁠ to guide clients through every step of the grant application process.

Litigation accounting services

Our experts have a proven track record of helping clients resolve a variety of financial, valuation and insurance matters (including the provision of expert witness testimony).

Mediation and conflict resolution

Conflict actually represents an opportunity to achieve greater understanding within a team. Of course, resolution is a challenging process, but by facilitating greater clarity in this process, our experts can help incite meaningful change that enables a team to work better together.

Partnership disputes

Competing interests among partners or shareholders can lead to complex disputes requiring court intervention. These disputes may range from shareholder oppression, breach‑of‑contract and joint‑venture litigation to large‑scale, class‑action lawsuits.

Succession planning

Most business owners are so invested in running their business, they give little thought to building a succession plan. But it is important to think ahead to protect the business legacy and wealth you have built over a lifetime.