May 26, 2022 by Jarred Cohen

Five in five: Jarred Cohen

1. How has your role evolved since you joined Baker Tilly?

I began my career at Baker Tilly as a part‑time tax preparer while completing my undergraduate studies. At the time I was still unsure about my career path, however, this work experience attracted me to accounting. Eventually, after graduating, I joined Baker Tilly full‑time in the audit/tax departments. Back then, there was a rotation program where audit staff worked for a couple of months in tax. After this, I transitioned to audit, where I worked for three years while completing my CPA studies. During that time, I gained valuable experience in accounting, financial reporting and business. I then began working in advisory ⁠–⁠ specifically, business valuations ⁠–⁠ while pursuing my CBV designation. I have always had a passion for finance, so this enabled me to pursue that passion while building on my accounting experience.

2. What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

My proudest professional accomplishment to date is obtaining my CPA designation. This was the culmination of years of studying and hard work. I am also the first professional in my family, which was a proud moment for them and myself. As a CPA, I have gained a solid base of knowledge and expertise, allowing me to provide exceptional service to my clients.

3. What qualities make Baker Tilly Canada unique?

Baker Tilly is unique because each firm works closely with the national network to ensure success for clients. While each firm is independently managed, we still have the advantage of reaching out to other firms in our network whenever we need help. For example, when engaged to do a buy‑side transaction mandate, our Montréal office leveraged the expertise of our Vancouver corporate finance group. Such seamless collaboration would likely not be possible without our dynamic network of firms and professionals.

4. What inspires you at work?

I am most inspired by meeting new people, whether it’s business owners, other professionals or retirees. I enjoy learning about clients’ and colleagues’ paths and how they achieved their success, as well as discussing business trends, challenges they’ve encountered and where they see themselves in the future. This is vital for my professional development, ultimately enabling me to address client needs to the best of my ability.

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Anywhere with a beautiful beach and great food. If I had to pick a specific place, I’d say the Amalfi Coast in Italy. There, I can enjoy a leisurely day at the beach, go on coastal hikes and, of course, indulge in authentic Italian cuisine. It’s the perfect getaway.

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