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    John Oakey appointed VP of Tax at CPA Canada

    Waterloo, ON – Baker Tilly Canada is pleased to announce National Tax director John Oakey will be joining CPA Canada as its new VP of Tax. This appointment recognizes Oakey’s status as one of the country’s leading tax experts, and his Baker Tilly colleagues are proud to see him transition to this prestigious position in the accounting profession.

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    Baker Tilly Trillium greets two new principals

    Leamington, ON – Baker Tilly Trillium welcomes Lesley Hutz and Jesse Francis to the growing firm in the role of principal. Adding strength to the firm’s teams in Tax, as well as Audit and Assurance, the new principals will provide clients with valuable guidance and support the firm with its growth objectives.

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    Entrepreneurship and motherhood

    Welcome to this month’s edition of The Bright Side. If your goal is to be a mom while running your own business, this blog entry is for you. There are plenty of ways to balance the dream of motherhood without extinguishing the flames of entrepreneurship. Don’t doubt yourself, you can do it all. Though it is a lot of work, the best things always are!

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    Baker Tilly Canada announces first‑ever CEO

    Waterloo, ON ⁠–⁠ Baker Tilly Canada is pleased to announce Ben Lloyd has joined the Canadian network as its first‑ever CEO. A veteran leader at Baker Tilly International, Lloyd will transition from the Global office in London, England ⁠–⁠ where he has served as COO for the past six years ⁠–⁠ to Baker Tilly Canada.

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    Bright tips to help you spring through tax season

    Ahh, April. The signs of spring are all around us ⁠–⁠ warmer weather, birds chirping, trees budding and, above all (well, for accountants at least), tax season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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    Remote work and law firm culture: more than just foosball tables and kegs !

    The biggest chokepoint in law firms these days is the inability to align most lawyers ⁠–⁠ particularly younger lawyers ⁠–⁠ around behaviors that keep their firm most healthy. I am often asked, “This remote/hybrid work model is shielding our people from the collective ambition and shared expectations that are the mother’s milk of firm success. How do we motivate our lawyers to really extend themselves for our firm, and what should those contributions look like?”