Baker Tilly Canada Corporate Finance

About us

Baker Tilly Canada Corporate Finance is a national advisory firm focused on serving small- to mid-market entrepreneurial clients. We recognize that these clients are not adequately served by business brokers or larger investment firms but still require – and deserve – sophisticated, experienced professionals to get the job done right.

We are often shocked that simple tax issues and planning are ignored in business transitions. These issues can materially impact the value realized from a sale, and frequently not for the better.

Our team boasts an impressive combined resumé of academic credentials and decades of specific experience in accounting, taxation, corporate finance, valuation, business structuring and family transitions. Clients are often surprised at our breadth of expertise, across a wide range of complex topics – expertise that is essential when executing a successful sale, merger or acquisition.

We pay attention to the small details, ensure our clients maximize their after-tax proceeds upon exit and consistently exceed expectations. We fill a void in the marketplace, serving small- to mid-sized businesses, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Industry partners

In our pursuit of excellence, we work closely with key industry partners including law firms and wealth advisors who will often direct their clients to our firm. We know these companies place great value on their long-term relationships as “trusted advisors” to their clients. We take great care to ensure partner relationships are treated with that same level of trust and respect.

  • Law firms: BTCCF partners with law firms that provide legal expertise to clients or offer client referrals. These law firms usually have expertise either in mergers and acquisitions or in specific areas of the law crucial to the success of a well-planned transaction.
  • Financial advisors: Very often, the first professional to discuss a business transition with an entrepreneur is their financial advisor, who will often refer his or her client directly to us because they know the value of our services. We look after those relationships with great care, knowing referrals come at a crucial time in the life of their client. In return, we provide reciprocal referrals for our clients who may be in need of wealth management advice when they sell.
  • Operational experts: Effectively preparing for a sale can add significant value, so we frequently refer potential clients to operational experts who can assist with much of the (often significant) work leading up to a transaction. Conversely, we receive a number of referrals from these operational specialists when it’s “go time” and our transactional expertise is required. 

We take a long-term view of industry partner relationships. The culture at our firm is one of strategic collaboration, not short-term transactional thinking.

What we do

At Baker Tilly Canada Corporate Finance, we know one of the most important financial transactions for you as a business owner is the sale or merger of your company. It’s a process often laden with high emotion, stress and unforeseen pitfalls. And while an exit should mark a triumph, if not properly managed, it can also mean a lifetime of work is devalued or lessened. In most business transactions, the main difference between these two outcomes is the quality of the advice received during the sale.

In Canada, small- to mid-market companies are subject to more legal, financial, accounting and regulatory complexity than many expect. But what does this mean for you as a business owner in the exit phase? If your company earns between $5 and $50 million in annual revenue, you’re likely to face the same level of complexity as a $100-million company. Yet larger advisory firms concentrate on large companies, investing less time and fewer resources in smaller, but still substantial businesses.

That’s where we come in. Baker Tilly Canada Corporate Finance specializes in delivering the expert and attentive service small- to mid-market clients need. Our dedicated team is experienced, personable and flexible, focusing on providing sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory as well as tax and valuation services.
At Baker Tilly Canada Corporate Finance, we’ll help you realize your earned success and will be in your corner every step of the way.