Five in five

Everyone at Baker Tilly Canada is committed to influencing tomorrow for our clients, our profession and our community, an objective that shapes our lives inside and outside the office. Get better acquainted with the experts behind this mission, and what drives them to excel. From their outlook on the industry to their passions to the wise words that inspired their professional development, the Five in five series gets to the heart of each expert’s story – in just five minutes.

Denise Jones

“The pandemic has only highlighted what we can do with technology and collaboration.”

Mike McIsaac

“We believe in continual education and improvement of our processes. This ensures we are prepared to deliver the best results for our clients every time.”

Deepak Upadhyaya

“In all my work, I apply cross-functional knowledge from a technology, business and risk point of view.”

Janet Currie

“Accountants are human and we will make mistakes. It’s how we handle the mistakes that counts.”

John Oakey

"It is impossible to keep up to date on everything. That is why it’s extremely important to develop… a solid network of skilled, knowledgeable tax professionals."

Thomas Blonde

"Every firm in the network has complete autonomy. This includes decisions related to choosing clients, hiring employees and the size of each practice."

Chris Button

"With hundreds of partners and thousands of team members, Baker Tilly Canada has all the experience a client could ask for."

Rosa Maria Iuliano

"I am very much a people person. I like helping people… and I like the technical aspect of what we do."

Kenton Strachan

"My role allows me to participate in and influence every facet of the organization, which is an amazing opportunity."