July 21, 2022 by Bud Arnold

Five in five: Bud Arnold

1. How did you get into accounting?

I have always enjoyed working with numbers. Growing up, I would keep track of stats in a hockey videogame and compete in math contests. Eventually, I decided a math degree would be the perfect path for me. Fortunately, I chose the University of Waterloo’s Mathematics/Chartered Accountancy program, which allowed me to continue working with numbers even as advanced math courses shifted more toward theory. The legal interpretation and application of tax fit well with logical analysis of math that I always enjoyed, so I made a career of tax.

2. How has your role evolved since you joined Baker Tilly?

I joined Baker Tilly GWD as a tax manager in 2017, absorbing as much practical tax knowledge as I could from my mentor here, Ed Mitukiewicz. In 2019, I became a tax partner, which has been an exciting journey. Over the last few years, my role has changed from tax research and preparation to leading our growing tax team, reviewing my colleagues’ work and developing tax strategies for clients.

3. What are the qualities that make Baker Tilly Canada unique?

Without question, the cooperative network structure sets Baker Tilly Canada apart. This structure combines the strengths of a mid-sized national firm ⁠–⁠ including marketing, professional development, extensive resources and industry collaboration⁠–⁠with the benefits of a locally based firm, such as independent management, developing offerings tailored to local markets and the opportunity to impact decision‑making. I can still recall what one partner told me upon joining the firm: “Everyone in the network is willing to help.” That continues to hold true today.

4. What’s the best advice you ever received?

You can only do what you can do.” That advice has helped me along the way. Trying to do everything ⁠–⁠ like servicing every market, targeting every prospective client and handling every communication  ⁠–⁠ is not practical or feasible. In my career, I have learned to focus on my area of expertise, delegate appropriate tasks and accept that we simply might not be the right fit for everyone. Ultimately, focusing our efforts on what we do best enables us to help businesses and people grow.

5. What keeps you busy outside the office?

Well, my wife and I just welcomed our fifth child, so it’s safe to say that my family keeps me busy! On top of that, four of our children are boys  ⁠–⁠ parents of boys will know where I’m coming from. In addition to family, I’m also actively involved with our church, philanthropic work and education-related charities.

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