Industry Sectors

If you are buying or selling an automotive dealership, advisors with the experience and insight to support you during these complex transactions will help ensure everything goes smoothly ⁠—⁠ and that you glean the greatest possible value from the deal.


As the construction industry continues to evolve, businesses require advisors who understand the nuances of the sector ⁠–⁠ whether involved in civil, commercial or residential projects.

Legal firms

At Baker Tilly, our advisors provide the highest quality assurance, tax and advisory expertise to legal firms and their partners. We offer a customized approach to meet our clients’ unique objectives.


In the world of manufacturing, a variety of factors affecting your operational performance ⁠–⁠ and growth potential ⁠–⁠ are outside your control. At Baker Tilly, our industry experts have the experience and insight to help you transform these challenges into opportunities, building a solid platform for future growth.

Media, film and television

The entertainment industry is constantly being tested by the rapidly evolving demands of the digital era. Facing these market challenges by taking advantage of new growth opportunities requires a unique business strategy supported by a full suite of services.


Baker Tilly experts have extensive experience addressing and managing the financial needs of Canada’s diverse not‑for‑profit sector.

Private sector consulting

In an increasingly competitive environment, private enterprises need to maximize profitability through effective planning and growth strategies ⁠–⁠ both of which require having the right support team.

Public sector consulting

In our dynamic economy, public sector organizations must constantly ensure they are enacting lean practices to achieve optimal performance. At Baker Tilly, our experts have the proven expertise to help you both meet the unique challenges public institutions face and accomplish measurable results.

Real estate

Whether you are a residential land developer, a homebuilder or a private investor seeking to diversify your holdings, Baker Tilly understands the audit, tax and financing issues faced by the real estate industry.


Our financial services experts have the talent and ability to transform your insurance business so it can both meet the challenges of today more effectively and be fully prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Energy and Resources
Cannabis business services

Whether you are a single licensed producer, multi-state operator or provider of ancillary services, the cannabis industry is rife with challenges and opportunities. When looking to expand domestically or internationally as a publicly listed company, you require seasoned accounting and transaction advisory professionals.

Capital management for resource companies

Resource companies, to remain highly competitive, must be well-positioned from a capital management and deployment standpoint if they want to maintain their productivity while keeping operational costs well in check.

Farming and agriculture

Farmers ⁠–⁠ and the agriculture industry as a whole ⁠–⁠ face escalating challenges due to evolving government policy, shifting market trends and environmental influences. Fortunately, the professionals at Baker Tilly can provide expert insight and guidance to people in this rapidly changing industry

Oil and gas

The professionals of Baker Tilly have consistently focused on the financial needs and demands of Canada's Oil and Gas sector. We understand the many challenges and pressures facing the industry and have the expertise to bring financial clarity.


Canada’s mining industry is a global leader in productivity, innovation and economic impact ⁠–⁠ 75 per cent of the world’s mining and exploration companies call Canada their home.

Credit unions

At Baker Tilly, our advisors understand the unique challenges and pressures credit unions face. We have the expertise necessary to ensure those challenges are met successfully and converted into opportunities to help you stay competitive.

Investment funds

As leading advisors to the mid‑market investment funds sector, Baker Tilly is the ideal partner to bring greater financial clarity and guidance to your business.


Baker Tilly advisors provide unparalleled insight into the operational and financial needs of the dental sector ⁠–⁠ in fact, we have built one of the largest medical consulting practices in Canada.

Medical professionals

The medical profession requires advisors who thoroughly understand the intricacies of this unique industry. Baker Tilly accountants and advisors have extensive experience addressing the operational and managerial issues of the medical sector and have built one of the largest medical consulting practices throughout Canada.

Indigenous Business Services
Indigenous enterprises

Through innovation and strategic leadership, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples are maximizing opportunities in virtually every sector of the economy. With decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and enterprises within these communities, Baker Tilly professionals have unique insight into both your challenges, as well as ideal sources of financing to help facilitate growth.