What our clients say

"I regularly refer Baker Tilly KDN LLP to my best clients. The partners at Baker Tilly bring a wide-ranging skillset to their office, and I’m confident that our client’s accounting and financial advisory requirements will be seamlessly met if they’re dealing with Baker Tilly. They are a full-service firm and they bring the expertise of much larger and more expensive Bay St. accounting practices to our market, while at the same time relating to businesses of all sizes, big or small. The partners are also to be commended for their extensive community involvement – I know they are very proud of their significant contributions to Durham. I greatly value our partnership with Baker Tilly KDN!”

Cory Kaiser, District Vice President
TD Commercial Banking

“I strongly believe that any successful business requires the assistance of a skilled professional team working together to achieve the objectives of the client. I have referred many business clients to Baker Tilly KDN LLP and have relied heavily upon Baker Tilly KDN LLP’s expertise during numerous business transactions. I highly recommend the services of Baker Tilly KDN LLP and encourage clients to contact them for professional business advice.”

Adriana Carnevale
Carnevale Law Office

“When it came to us requiring a business valuation, Baker Tilly was able to provide one that we felt was accurate and fair. Scott Sonley was very professional and courteous. He knew the right questions to ask and brought to our attention a lot of issues that we were unaware of. Our valuation was performed in an efficient and timely manner. We would highly recommend Scott Sonley at Baker Tilly KDN LLP for business valuation services.”

Brian Graham, General Manager
Graham Rubber Company Limited

“Baker Tilly KDN Consultants and John Clausen as M&A advisor provided the services I needed to acquire a business in the USA. They were diligent in their search to match my needs and requirements with an acquisition target. They followed through in negotiating the deal, valuation of the business, due diligence and deal closing, working with legal advisors and others to ensure an international transaction was successful. I highly recommend their services.”

Brian Tomlinson
Labelcraft Products Ltd.

“We just finalized our business valuation with Scott and his team, and without question, a necessary step in the evolution of my businesses. Scott Sonley worked proactively and stepped me through the process, ensuring the company's best interest as his top priority. Baker Tilly KDN LLP was diligent, timely and communicated effectively with legal. A process that was recommended, and definitely required for a young and fast growing organization. Thanks again Scott, for your professionalism throughout this service offering.”

Paul Beckman, President
K.P.C. Power Electrical Ltd./Power Source Instruments

“Our lawyer advised that we needed to have a business valuation completed. Having no experience with determining the value of our business, we did not know what to expect. Scott Sonley from Baker Tilly KDN LLP was able to guide us through the process and help us understand the value of our business. We would highly recommend Scott and Baker Tilly for business valuation services.”

Curt Fuglewicz, President
(digital recording and post-production for broadcast television)

"This was the first review we have had with your company and it proved to be worthwhile. Your auditor was professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in her process. The service was performed with minimal demands on myself or my staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Baker Tilly KDN LLP."

Kitty Tsang, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
North York General Hospital Foundation

“Denise Jones, one of the partners, has been our accountant since the late 1980’s, long before she became a partner. We regard her advice very highly. Denise has been instrumental in guiding our company at every turn. I would not hesitate in saying that we would not be where we are today without her advice. She is a person who genuinely cares for her clients. I have made, and will continue to make, investment decisions based on her counsel. She is forward thinking and very thorough. I trust Denise implicitly.”

Arthur Capon
AWC Company