The corporate track

The corporate track


At Baker Tilly Canada, growth is an ongoing priority ⁠–⁠ for our people, firms and Canadian network. Those who pursue a career on the corporate track will play a role in our organization’s growth and see it mirrored in their own professional trajectory. We are constantly evolving into a more varied and versatile network, which makes this an ever more exciting place to work, one where new possibilities are an everyday reality.

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'I don't consider myself a traditional accountant, but more of an entrepreneur. My role allows me to participate in and influence every facet of the organization, which is an amazing opportunity that perfectly aligns with who I am as a professional.' – Kenton Strachan (COO, Baker Tilly Nova Scotia)

Information technology services


The role of information technology has evolved dramatically in recent years. Drawing upon complex new tech requirements, IT leaders today manage security and anticipate new business needs to help firms and our national network remain competitive. In this time of transition, Baker Tilly Canada offers exciting challenges and opportunities to grow your career and impact ⁠–⁠ as part of an evolving practice or at the national level.



Professionals involved in this wide-ranging area are responsible for the smooth functioning of our businesses, a crucial role that is essential to our ongoing success and evolution. From roles in administration and facility management to COO level, join Baker Tilly to drive excellence at one of our locally owned and operated firms or help champion key initiatives on the national stage.

Human resources


At Baker Tilly, we know talent is key to our success. That’s why our HR teams around the country are empowered to engage today’s diverse workforce based on our Be True philosophy, focusing on recruitment, retention, succession and cultural development. This is your chance to support colleagues in the pursuit of their career goals while achieving your own professional ambitions.

Marketing and business development


At Baker Tilly Canada, we believe in advancing our impact in every market where we are located. Through efforts related to client management, proposal writing and branding, our professionals engage new clients and partnerships, expanding our reach and expertise. This progress makes it possible for all our firms to experience the best of both worlds: increased leadership in local markets, along with the benefits of an established international network.



Be at the cross‑section of public practice and industry, with career opportunities in internal finance and accounting. From controllers to analysts and CFOs, teams across Canada manage the financial integrity of our independent firms. To meet the needs of these evolving practices, we welcome experts with a strong grasp of budgeting, forecasting, value billing, innovation, business accounting, corporate tax and more.

Senior management


Regardless of whether you’re a CPA, there are dynamic and varied leadership positions with our firms and National offices. As our practices and Canadian network grow, so do the opportunities for strategic leaders ⁠–⁠ from COOs to CIOs to business unit and practice leads. Whatever your specialty, seize the opportunity to make a difference at Baker Tilly Canada.

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