Co-op / Intern  
  Associate / Staff accountant
Senior associate  
Vice president  
  Associate partner
  Managing partner

"BT is a great place for students starting their career because of the midsize of our firms. This results in more mentoring, and it allows them to have a voice in the culture of the firm."
⁠–⁠ Sherry Elvidge, Baker Tilly Montréal

"All the work I have done here at the firm has helped develop my technical knowledge. This has been crucial in my journey from student to staff accountant."
⁠–⁠ Samantha Byrne, Baker Tilly Catalyst


"We let employees choose their own career paths by providing well‑rounded experiences that are both rewarding and meaningful. We do this through challenging and varied assignments, diverse clientele and rewarding opportunities at every stage of their careers."
⁠–⁠ Tracy Mohn, Baker Tilly Catalyst



"Being a partner at Baker Tilly allows you to remain independent and provides many professional benefits, including access to a network of professionals from Baker Tilly offices across the world."
⁠–⁠ Lisa Scott, Baker Tilly SNT