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Baker Tilly Vaughan Valuations Inc.

Maximizing shareholder value is inevitably the destination. The professionals at Baker Tilly Vaughan Valuations Inc. offer guidance you can trust.

By providing valuable advisory services and tailored offerings with complete, objective valuation opinions, we are poised to become the advisor of choice for SMEs. We also offer the convenience and comfort of a one-stop shop without the risk of engaging an outside third party. This allows us to provide an independent opinion on the value of businesses that can withstand scrutiny from tax authorities, court challenges, acquisitions/divestitures or pricing negotiations.

At Baker Tilly Vaughan Valuations Inc., we have local, national and international experience with transactions in a wide variety of industries. Our degree of involvement can vary with each client's needs, from acting as a sounding board and performing a coaching role, to acting as an intermediary in a transaction. Our range of services includes sale of business, locating synergy buyers, divestiture planning, market and industry research, pricing analysis, acquisitions, financing and more.

The value drivers

Baker Tilly Vaughan Valuations Inc.’s professionals serve the complex and diverse needs of our clients. The reasons for a valuation are many and varied: purchase, sale or merger of a business, reorganization or amalgamation for tax purposes, resolution of shareholder disputes, family law, estate planning and more. It’s no surprise each unique situation requires an understanding of the very dynamics and value catalysts that underpin a business or a shareholder’s goals and intentions.

Valuation talent

Our skilled advisors have the relevant expertise and accreditation to provide the objective, focused advice and opinions demanded. Furthermore, a talent pool that allows us to draw on senior-level experience in valuation, accounting, taxation and corporate finance lends credibility to the strategy and solutions that work best for you.

Financial strategy

Our professionals use an objectives-oriented approach which is customized to the scope and changing requirements of the client. Different levels of analysis, information and diligence are demanded in every matter. Regardless of the situation, objectives and intent will be at the forefront. Delivering results means understanding your goals.

Litigation support

We provide clients with independent business valuation services for a diverse range of purposes, including shareholder disputes, matrimonial disputes, partnership disputes, quantification of economic damages, expropriation, and accounting for lost profits (breach of contract). We are often retained by legal counsel in order to prepare or provide expert witness reports, review other expert witness reports, assist with preparing information documents and questions for discovery and provide income tax planning advice related to settlement alternatives.

Our services are retained on a specific project basis with no continuing client relationships that could impair objectivity. Our rules of professional conduct require us to keep all client and potential client matters confidential and not use confidential information for other purposes.

For professional advice that drives value with innovative solutions and personalized service, count on the experts at Baker Tilly Vaughan Valuations Inc.

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