August 24, 2022 by Colin Duignam

Five in five: Colin Duignam

1. How did you get into accounting?

It was a happy accident. I was finishing my degree in human resources and needed an extra credit, so I took a fund accounting class and realized how much I enjoyed it. This led me to diverse finance opportunities in Ireland and then Canada, where I earned my CPA designation. After 15 years of supporting business leaders, I’m now proud to be part of the amazing team at Baker Tilly Windsor.

2. What inspires you at work?

It might sound cliché, but it comes down to the people. I work with a group of extremely smart and talented individuals who continually motivate me to improve and be my best. Having collaborated with different teams throughout the country, I’ve made many great connections across the Baker Tilly Canada network. The breadth of knowledge and experience within our network is incredible. It’s inspiring and exciting to be part of an industry-leading collective.

3. What are the most common misconceptions about your profession?

The belief that “all you do is debits and credits.” This couldn’t be further from reality. As highly trained advisors and finance professionals, we are deeply involved with many key aspects of business operations. From strategy to marketing to talent acquisition, being able to bring such comprehensive expertise to our clients as their trusted partner is exciting and rewarding.

4. What industry issues keep you up at night?

Without question, it would be technology – in a good way. The opportunities for leveraging cloud accounting tools and process automation can make operations more scalable and manageable for our clients. At the same time, the technology we have enables the Baker Tilly Advantage team to operate more as a business partner for our clients, not just a service provider. As a “tech-first” resource, Advantage offers our clients a greater return on their investment – simply put, more bang for their buck. They get an advisor who knows their business almost as well as they do, on top of having all their bookkeeping and finance operations actively managed. Going beyond bookkeeping and accounting, our team also has the opportunity to learn more about the unique elements of our clients’ specific businesses.  

5. If you weren’t in your current job, what profession would you pursue?

I’m a huge sports fan. As a businessperson, I’ve always been fascinated by the economic side of sports. My university thesis was on industrial relations in sports – specifically, the impact of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) on the league and how it operated. So, had things worked out differently, I would probably be part of a professional sports organization, serving in a back office managerial role.

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