Environmental Stewardship

Baker Tilly SNT is focused on reducing its carbon footprint.  Accounting can be a “paper pushing” environment to work in, however being environmentally focused is not only good for our environment, but is good for our staff, our clients, and our neighbors on this earth.

We have implemented several measures to assist in our “going green”:

  • We encourage the use of technologies that reduce our usage of paper, such as dual monitors, scanners and software tools which allow us to track, produce and archive our work electronically reducing our need for photocopies and other paper outputs.
  • We purchase technology products that are endorsed by the Energy Star Program and always encourage people to power down their equipment when not being used.
  • We encourage responsible printing practices utilizing tools that facilitate double sided printing and the elimination of unnecessary pages before jobs are sent to be printed.
  • We encourage clients to provide source documents and other materials to us electronically.
  • We provide options to clients allowing them to select if they would prefer electronic copies of their important documents such as tax returns and financial statements.
  • We encourage staff to car pool to our client offices whenever possible.
  • We operate a recycling program in our office for paper and other recyclable products including aluminum cans, glass and batteries.