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    Meet Baker Tilly REO

    Baker Tilly REO is a leading accounting firm in Eastern Ontario, providing expert audit, tax and advisory services to valued clients in the region.

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    Transfer pricing and small‑ to medium‑sized enterprises

    Much like large global companies, small‑ to medium‑sized enterprise multinational enterprises (MNEs) may be subject to complex transfer pricing requirements. As governments increasingly seek to protect their tax base, our new Tax Alert focuses on the transfer pricing challenges and considerations facing small‑ to medium‑sized enterprise MNEs.

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    Entrepreneurship and motherhood

    Welcome to this month’s edition of The Bright Side. If your goal is to be a mom while running your own business, this blog entry is for you. There are plenty of ways to balance the dream of motherhood without extinguishing the flames of entrepreneurship. Don’t doubt yourself, you can do it all. Though it is a lot of work, the best things always are!

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