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Business Advisory Services

At Baker Tilly Canada, our experts deliver the services and solutions you need to help build a solid foundation for your business ⁠–⁠ both today and in the future.

Our comprehensive business advisory offerings and tailored solutions are designed to optimize your organization’s financial performance. From conducting financial management overviews and strategic planning to risk management and data analytics support, Baker Tilly professionals provide expert insight. Our holistic advisory and data solution services help companies in a wide range of industries identify and monitor key performance indicators, uncover new opportunities, increase profits and enhance their business.

Maximize your organization’s potential

  • Interpret your data to provide strategic business insight
  • Tailor the monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators
  • Create cost efficiencies in key business processes (ordering, shipping, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Visualize trends to help predict future outcomes
  • Improve the reliability of cash flow forecasts and budgets
  • Enhance shareholder value

A well-structured data environment will allow you to successfully guide and grow your organization.

A secret weapon for small businesses

There are several ways data solutions can help your business.

  • Avoid duplicate payments ⁠–⁠ Long work hours can increase the chance of entering an invoice twice, and finding duplicate payments allows you to recoup funds and better manage short‑term cash flow.
  • Vendor master file review ⁠–⁠ Startups are often bombarded with new vendors and don’t always have time to gather all the vendor information required prior to paying an invoice. This can lead to duplicate vendor records, resulting in duplicate payments or even fraudulent use in the future. Identifying data quality issues in the vendor master file will save time and reduce potential costs (i.e., tax assessments/penalties).
  • Inventory analysis ⁠–⁠ Tracking inventory levels is key to reducing carrying costs and ensuring the business has the right amount of inventory on hand. Conducting inventory analytics also helps identify obsolete products and those with a slow turnover rate, as well as to improve ordering efficiency.
  • Payroll analytics ⁠–⁠ Ensure deductions such as benefits, CPP and EI are calculated correctly, taxes are captured accurately and all pertinent information is stored.

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