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June 15, 2021 by Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce

Five in five with: Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce

1. What is your background?
I would consider myself an entrepreneur first and accountant second. Starting early in my career, I loved investing in real estate and seeing how much you could grow a business. Once I earned my accounting designation and was part of a management accounting services firm, I had a desire to help businesses grow. I have been a member of The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women for several years, which gave me support and inspiration, while setting the bar high for goal achievement. Through this membership, it led me to bring support to the Women’s Economic Empowerment which advocates for gender equality in the workforce. I am proud Baker Tilly Trillium LLP supports the Women’s Empowerment Principles and gender equality in our firm.

2. What is your proudest professional accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishment was taking the step to become owner of a successful accounting firm and growing it from a mom-and-pop firm to facilitate the merger of three other offices, which became known as EPR Trillium LLP. We also played a role in the negotiations to merge with Essex and Leamington to form what is now known as Baker Tilly Trillium LLP. The growth of our small local firm into a much larger practice with international reach has been my proudest accomplishment to date.

3. What is your accounting superpower?
The one word that would describe my superpower would be “connector”. By bringing professional teams together and working with business owners, I help them achieve their goals. I excel at connecting clients with investors or potential partners, and I connect generations within family-owned businesses. My talent is being a driving force and creator of excitement about growing, whether it’s our firm or a client’s business.

4. If you were not in your current job, what profession would you pursue?
My love for business-building would lead me to the world of interior design, as I also have a passion and love for building beautiful spaces. There are many parallels between this pursuit and helping clients build successful businesses.

5. What does the future hold for you and your profession?
As I near the end of my career, I see a lot of changes in our profession. In public practice, the landscape has changed, especially in terms of attracting young talent. Today’s young accountants have several options to achieve their designations other than public practice. As partners leading our firms, we need to accept this challenge and design our programs to attract and retain the best talent coming out of universities and colleges or from international destinations. This should be true regardless of gender, ethnicity or race. In the years ahead, I plan to continue working with young professionals to mentor and encourage them, while advocating for the advantages of being part of a growing accounting firm.

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