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Advisory and Accounting Services

Advisory Services

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1. Selling, buying, and financing a business 

         -  Selling, buying, and financing a business
         -  Buy/sell transactions (deal structuring/negotiations, due diligence, letter of intent...)
         -  Merger & Acquisition Process Flow Overview - Representing the Seller
         -  Merger & Acquisition Process Flow Overview - Representing the Buyer
         -  Common Merger & Acquisition Errors 
         -  Buyer/seller research and Fit Assessment  
         -  Financing support (sourcing funds, negotiating with lenders…)  
         -  Preparing your business for sale  

2. Business Valuation 

         -  Business valuation
         -  Planning (tax, succession, estate)
         -  Dispute (matrimonial, shareholder, estate)
         -  Transactions (purchase or sale of a business) 

3. Family Business Transition Planning and Implementation 

         -  Family business transition planning and implementation
         -  Tax Minimization
         -  Facilitation (conversations you have been dreading...)
         -  Financial planning for retirement

4. Human Resources Advisory 

         -  Human Resources advisory

5. Dispute Resolution 

         -  Dispute resolution
         -  Assessment (understanding concern and barriers, fact finding,                                                    and recommendations)
         -  Resolution (negotiation, mediation, facilitation)
         -  Coaching (helping parties to be effective contributors)

6. Process Improvement 

         -  Process improvement


Accounting Services

Audit and Assurance
Estate and Trust Planning and Preparation
HST and Indirect Tax Recovery
Personal Tax Returns
Specialty Tax Services (including corporate reorganizations and purchase/sale of a business)
Tax Planning and Advisory