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    Whether you want to learn more about our specialties, our experts, our approach to evolving technologies or our method of dealing with changing regulations, you’ll find all the answers on our FAQ page.


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    The highest form of praise

    Want to learn more about the experience of working with Baker Tilly CK? In this collection of testimonials, our clients explain how we serve the needs of real businesses. When you hire a new employee, you check their references. We expect the same diligence from future clients — and this serves as a great way to share the praise and enthusiasm of our current clients.


The Latest at Baker Tilly Chatham

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    Let’s get fit: how to ignite your company’s digital journey

    Technology is evolving so fast. Some might say that’s exhilarating, while others might see it as exhausting. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being integrated into businesses at an unprecedented rate, it’s easy for a company to feel out of shape as it tries to keep up with technology trends, in order to remain current and competitive.

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    The client bear hug

    Since law firms became professionally managed businesses, the profit-generating flywheel of firms has kicked into higher gear. While correlation does not equal causation, law firm financial performance is exceeding all 12‑15‑year‑old expectations of market watchers. With so much financial success in the rearview mirror, how do ambitious firms capture new...
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    Three ways to use ChatGPT for law firm content marketing

    This is the year of ChatGPT. The large language model‑based chatbot now boasts more than 100 million users, and that number likely will continue to increase. Already the technology has become a major disruptor in various areas of life, from education, where schools are debating how to draft policies dictating students’ use of the technology, to Hollywood, where writers continue to strike in part due to the looming threat that AI poses to their jobs.

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    Saving for retirement on the farm

    Given the all-consuming complexity of any farm business, it’s not uncommon for farmers to overlook the importance of retirement planning. The constant need to reinvest in these businesses means there’s rarely a good time to think about saving for the future. 

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    Agri-food incentives you can’t afford to ignore

    If you’re an agri‑food processor or manufacturer, there are a number of valuable government incentives available to your business. However, to access these programs, you will need to navigate a complex web of requirements.

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    New COO at Baker Tilly KDN

    Courtice, ON – As one of the largest locally owned and operated regional accounting firms in Central Ontario, Baker Tilly KDN is pleased to announce Brenda Kelly has become chief operating officer (COO).

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    Episode 8 - Creditor-Proofing Your Business

    As a business owner, it’s important to have a strategy in place to protect your assets from potential creditors. Several instances can arise that put your business assets at risk – the most common being a lawsuit.

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    Leverage technology, not lawyers

    The role of the law firm associate has never looked more tenuous than it does now. It’s threatened from one direction by law firms’ fixation on hiring lateral partners, and from the other by the implications of Generative AI’s rapid advance into law firm workflow.