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Cross-border and international

The most effective cross‑border (U.S. and Canada) or international tax planning is based on your company’s specific circumstances, and identifies opportunities to both grow your business and minimize your tax burden.

Through affiliation with Baker Tilly International, our Baker Tilly professionals have access to tax advisors around the world, who they will collaborate with to identify and take advantage of these opportunities on your behalf.

Some of the tax services we provide:

  • Inbound corporate planning for non‑residents entities
  • Outbound corporate planning for Canadian entities
  • Global tax minimization strategies
  • Global corporate restructuring
  • Tax efficient repatriation of profit
  • Global mobility services
  • Global transfer pricing & dispute resolution
  • Residency and permanent establishment

Global enterprises require global strategies to manage tax legislation in multiple jurisdictions. The added complexity of crossing borders demands more than individual expertise. You need a team approach, with everyone working together to deliver a holistic tax planning strategy, leading to solutions that are both innovative and practical.

To learn more please contact your Baker Tilly advisor.

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