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Baker Tilly experts have extensive experience addressing and managing the financial needs of Canada’s diverse not‑for‑profit sector.

Knowing that a non‑profit organization’s members, donors and stakeholders deserve assurance regarding the integrity of financial information, we provide exceptional clarity in reporting and transparency in disclosure.

Reliable support

The pressure and responsibility of financial reporting and corporate governance for both small and national not‑for‑profit organizations has reached unprecedented levels, with complex accounting standards and rising public demands for transparency.

Our experts assist on everything from the smooth processing of charitable receipts to addressing donor concerns and assisting with future fundraising activities. We never lose sight of the fact you are operating with donor dollars and understand the need for full accountability that accompanies this responsibility.

Enable accountability and manage risk

Our experienced professionals help not‑for‑profit organizations educate and empower boards and audit committees. Our audit, tax and advisory services are specifically designed to help manage risk and provide meaningful financial insight that ensures accountability to all constituents, including the CEO, directors, board members and donors.

In addition to timely financial reporting, we also offer updates on any legislative or technical impacts throughout the annual financial cycle, as well as provide relevant financial advice.

Our services include:

  • Assurance and accounting
  • Corporate governance
  • Streamlining of the charitable receipting process
  • Standards and controls
  • Restructuring
  • Tax reporting, tax minimization, indirect tax
  • Conversion to ASPE + NPO or IFRS
  • Other reporting and operating considerations
  • Other advisory services including review and advice on charitable receipting processes and assessment on technology risks and control

Extensive experience

We have proven experience with a broad range of not‑for‑profit organizations including charities and charitable foundations, volunteer organizations, professional bodies, memberships and associations, health and welfare organizations, social services groups, educational and cultural institutions, social and recreational clubs, artistic, community and cultural organizations and more.

Contact your Baker Tilly advisor today to learn more.

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